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Some basic algo trading questions on platform and data sources

Hi algoTrading,
I'm new to algorithmic trading, and was hoping to get some advice on how to get set up. My questions fall into two categories, first, what platforms do you guys use for backtesting, and second, where do you get your data from.
First, to clarify what I mean by 'platform'. I am looking for a mechanism which will enable me to (relatively) easily go from idea to backtest. For instance, in quantopian, you can write a strategy, and backtest it. The backtest will generate relevant metrics, and you do not have to worry about the code linking the strategy to the data. Additionally, if the platform allowed for more robust testing, like walk forward testing, and monte carlo analysis, that would be ideal.
I have seen two websites in particular, which seem to be popular. Quantconnect, and Quantopian. Now, I have looked into both of these, and I am not sure they are what I am after. First, I am a little skeptical of putting out algo's which I have poured my time hard work into, on sites which execute the code remotely. Second, I am more interested in derivatives trading than stock trading. If I were to use an online platform, I would prefer one which included data on Options/Futures/Forex. Additionally, while the language isn't a huge deal, I have experience in Java, and am learning Python for data Science applications. If there were a platform which let me use Python or Java, that would be ideal.
Second is the data source. This is a little redundant for online platforms, like quantopian, which are already integrated with the data. However, I have also been looking at Amibroker, which is executed locally on your computer, and does not come bundled with data. I have seen that you can get some data from IB, thinking about switching over to them, just for their data feeds. But really, the data I am interested in would be 1) EOD options data. 2) intra day futures/forex data. 3) intraday stocks/indexes/ETF data.
I am willing to pay for tools/data if necessary, but would prefer to keep costs as minimal as possible, as I am a losing trader with a day job.
Thanks in advance!
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Diamond Backtesting Manager - Analyzing Walk Forward Results#1

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